Gelatto festival Melbourne

Hi everyone, feels like years since the last time I updated my blog.

Yep, so many things happened lately.

I moved to Melbourne Australia and this is my 6th week living here in Melbourne Australia after living in Jakarta for 5 years.

Australian life is so different with the life I used to have in Indonesia. Australia life is more quiet but many sparks around.

Few weeks ago there’s a Gellato festival held in Clayton Melbourne. There are so many Itallian restaurant along this area.

If you love Itallian Cuisine and you’re visiting Melbourne, don’t forget to visit this place.

I went to the festival all by myself. Quite cold that day and my heart is cold too to go to the festival all by myself, but I have a lot of fun there. Here are a few pics for you to see that I captured at the festival.












Precious Gift from British Embassy Jakarta

Hi… Hi…. friends… Hope you are well.

It’s been ages since my latest post and lately I seldom update my blog, it’s all because I’m really bussy. I’ll tell you later what I’m bussy for HA.

I feel like world is the best planet to live at soon after I’m back from my training at Guangzhou Chinese Medicine Hospital.
I won lots of prize and met lots of lovely ppl.

Thank you for all of you who have supported me and love to visit my blog, you all are precious to me.

I’ll share with you the most precious gift I got from British Embassy Jakarta.

I won a writing competition from British Embassy Jakarta.

As the 2nd winner from the writing competition I won Rp 500.000,- in voucher from

planetsports voucher

I bought a New Balance Shoes. I Added Rp 200.000,- to get the shoes.

new balance shoes

Comfort, style and brand is the reason for me to choose this shoes.

new balance

Below is all the British Embassy writing competition winner capture.

british embassy competition

well longstory short I won the prize for writing what I like about Britain and the answer is I like Britain’s way of thinking. Britain always put ‘GREAT’ word in their activites. British work GREAT, do GREAT, think GREAT and believe that they’ll do GREAT. With this concept of thinking no wonder Britain are Great in many sectors.
I want to be GREAT just like GREAT BRITAIN. πŸ˜€ yeay,….

On budget Unforgettable travel story

Able to travel to 6 cities within 2 months make my last July’13 Southern China trip with mission unforgettable.

Besides travelling I also have the chance to learn new skills that definitely will contribute something special in my life.

Since I only have a very limited budget in my pocket, I have to manage all my expenses to be low.

I took a budget airlines that flied me to Guangzhou.

budget airlines seat space

As I said it’s budget airlines, so you can see the tiny mini space for the seat space.

Even though budget airlines only gave budgeted service but I’m quiet happy because it still give me the chance completed my targeted mission trip :D.

With this budget airlines I have to transit in Singapore for 12 hours.

I arrived in Singapore at 10 in the morning and feel so happy because this is the first time for me to visit Singapore by my own. yeay…..

If some of you are SHOCK because I have to stay inside the airport within hours. No worries….

It’s Singapore, there are lots of entertainments and free stuff around the airport and here are some of them I love the most.

1. Free Singapore tour
free Singapore tour
2. Free foot Massage πŸ˜€
free foot massage

Can’t believe my next flight had up. I remembered that I was running through the corridor to catch my flight holding my hot Teh.

I’m ready for Guangzhou, I was so lucky because I’ve got an offer from a very kind Cantonese family to live with them. I took a Metro from Guangzhou Baiyun airport to Foshan, the place where I was staying for the next few days after I landed in Guangzhou. My Cantonese friend picked me at the nearest Metro station that was close to their house.
Guangzhou metro

My Cantonese friend gave me a space at the 4th floor of their house and aloud me to stay there as long as I wanted to.
Thank you so much for Mr Jim’s & fam kindness, may God bless your life abundantly.
This is the place where I lived.
Foshan houseFoshan is a city near Guangzhou (GZ), It’s only take a few minitues by Metro to travel from GZ to Foshan.

My Cantonese friend kept me bussy during my stay with them. They introduce me to a special Cantonese teacher.
She’s a bright and smart little girl. We played and studied together. I teached her English and she teached me Cantonese. We had a really special and fun time together.
Foshan viewMy journey continued. I have to move from Foshan to GZ because that’s where Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese medicine located. Β I studied at GZ uni of TCM no.1 hospital located at sanyuanli δΈ‰ε…ƒι‡Œ.
at Guangzhou university of traditional chinese medicineAt Guangzhou University of TCM I was trained and learned to improve my skills in Acupuncture and Tuina Chinese Massage.
Chinese teacher are always strict and put high demand to their students. That’s why Chinese graduated medical students are mostly has good reputations.
I decided to learn more in Guangzhou because I want to be the best Chinese Medicine doctor that could cure illness using Acupuncture and Tuina Massage in the world :).
No joking, I really hope my dreams come true that’s why I spend my money carefully to persue and learn more.
Acupuncture and Tuina are the best way to treat illness due to nerves and muscles problem. So if you have longterm back pain, headache, muscle spasm and severe numbness just come to me πŸ™‚
acupuncture doctorAfter my training offer now it’s the fun part. It’s time for me to enjoy Southern China beauties and delicascies.
My family came from Indonesia and join me in China.
We travelled to MACAU.
macau beauties

And also enjoy Macau delicacies.

Macau delicacies

then we continued our journey to Hongkong.
In Hongkong we were so lucky to be able to try world’s most famous Dimsum and world’s cheapest Michelin restaurant.
Tim Hou Wan.

Tim hou wan

Then we went to Β Shenzhen.
In Shenzhen we visited Window of the world and enjoyed incredeble dancing show and beer festival.
window of the world

Ow my I found Kimbap satay in Shenzhen while enjoyed Shenzhen delicacies.

Shenzhen delicacies

Can you spot my Kimbap satay ? πŸ˜€

then we went back to GZ to continue our unfogettable holiday.
In GZ, I visited lots of museum, the museum in GZ is free and clean


guangzhou museum

GZ also has lots of Β amazing street food and restaurants.
I tried some famous delicacies around Beijing road and shang xia jiu road.

guangzhou food

πŸ˜€ Blushed yes, I always spare a little corner in my belly to taste Korean food anywhere I go. That’s why you also can see Kimchee Chigae in my GZ food diary.

It’s always sad to end a long vacation.

I tried to overcome my sadness with having Β a sweet desserts in Singapore.

We fonded this sweets from a famous shopping center around Orchard Rd.

Asian desserts

I had my favorite Matcha ice cream and the famous Singapore ice Kachang.

Hope bloggers like my post.

Senangnya masak di TV

Hi teman2 apa kabar?
I hope kalian semua sehat dan cantik selalu.

Beberapa minggu lalu senang sekali saya bisa diundang oleh Trans7 untuk mengisi acara Like a Chef.
like a chef

IBB mendapat undangan untuk mengisi acara Like a Chef, karena para elders di IBB pada sibuk jadilah acara ini dilempar ke aku yang memang suka banget masak.Thanks to Kak Hanna IBB

Pada kesempatan itu aku masak Kroket isi jamur daging asap. Hmm…. πŸ˜› Ya jadi itu kroket isi jamur kancing, daging sapi cincang dan daging asap. Kalau mau tambahin keju kayaknya makin yummy tuch. πŸ™‚ Meskipun cape karena acaranya berjam2 dan di Depok pula tapi karena senang jagi ya senang juga.sorry jadi kepanjangan curhatnya.

Here is me & Trans7 crew group pic.
Like a chef
Dalam acara Like a Chef ini aku tampil Vs Maria Selena, Putri Indonesia 2011. πŸ™‚
Senangnya terus bertemu teman2 baru.Disini aku juga kenalan sama Gita, dia dulunya juga blogger tapi karena sibuk sama kerjaannya di Trans7 jadi absent dulu u/ sementara waktu. Kita doain semoga dia aktif lagi yach.

Aku juga baru tau kalau ternyata Tupperware juga memiliki seri pancinya yaitu Chefseries. I got some to try. Pancinya terbuat dari bahan yang aman bagi tubuh.
Chefseries, tupperware
Wah kalalu ngomong soal Tupperware, aku sudah pake Tupperware sejak kecil yach…. Dulu inget bawa bekal makanan ke sekolah tuch dari tas sampai isi dalamnya (maksudnya omprengan dan tempat minumannya) semua tupperware karena plastiknya konon aman bagi tubuh.Bukannya aku makan Tupperware yach hehe..
Aduh jadi inget masa kecil dulu…

Oh ya, bagi yang puasa, semoga hidupnya makin berkah ya.
Kalau kita niatnya baik terus pasti dapatnya juga yang baik2 terus dech. Amiinnn….

Happy to be part of IBB

Hello semuanya it’s been a while since I blogged ya. Selain males, banyak banget yang harus dikerjakan, termasuk didalamnya sibuk untuk mengejar cita2. πŸ™‚ How’s your days? Hopefully kamu semua dalam keadaan baik dalam lindungan Tuhan.

Today I’m going to bahas about IBB or we also know it as Indonesian Beauty Blogger.Indonesian Beauty Blogger : sebuah komunitas / group yang biasanya share tulisan2 blogger about beauty / how to make us look even better.

Just go to IBB‘s group on facebook and become IBB‘s member if you have blog and would like to share your knowledge with other beauty addicts. It’s free and benefitial. Aku dapat banyak pengetahuan on how to create look even better or perhaps which products work better there. Monthly they hold Make-up competition and gathering. Sounds cool right!

IBBLogo courtesy of IBB’s facebook. (Carryna P)

Kerennya lagi, disini tuch banyak banget beauty bloggers yang jago make-up dan telah wara-wiri di dunia beauty blogging for years. Mereka baik dan happy to share if you need info about beauty and stuff. Seru juga yach kalau aku buat blog yang isinya kenalan sama para beauty blogger experts ini. Hope it’ll come true. πŸ™‚

Ok, 1 thing I’m happy and proud to share with you is sekarang terdaftar dalam list IBB’s Jakarta. If you’re curious kenapa aku bangga, semua karena ada persyaratannya lho kalau kamu mau blog kamu terdaftar dalam list / punya logo IBB di blog kamu.

Hope this post dapat bermanfaat u/ semua. πŸ™‚




Hellow people, it’s been a while since I blogged last time ya. Waaah, waktu cepat sekali berlalu tidak berasa ya. Akhir2 ini aku sibuk wara wiri jadinya belum sempat update blog.
Kebetulan kemarin dapat voucher u/ pijat,Β  so today I’m going to share with you fellow reader soal pengalamanku pijet di tempat pijat yang lumayan “mewah”.

Wuih begitu masuk, udara sejuk langsung menyambut. Udara di dalam memang sangat segar. Suasananya juga sangat nyaman (pic kanan).Β  Terasa dech tempat pijat kelas atas.
Setelah mengganti alas kaki dengan sandal empuk yang disediakan dan menaruh barang2 yang kuncinya kita amankan sendiri, kita langsung digiring oleh si Mba u/ menuju ruang massage.
Ruang massage sangat nyaman, tempatnya bersih dan juga tenang.
Ruang massage merupakan 1 ruangan besar remang2 yang dibatasi oleh tirai2 putih tipis, kita bisa menerawang lihat tetangga yang juga sedang pijat. hihihi… πŸ˜›
Setelah sampai diruang pijat saya dipersilahkan u/ si Mba duduk di tempat duduk berupa sofa yang empuk. Udara sejuk sofa empuk, waah tempat tidur yang uasyik nich hatiku menjetrit.
Kenyamanan pun berlanjut. Sampai…
si Mba : Maaf mba, bukan duduk tapi tengkurep.
(aku langsung mbatin, lah di sofa gini, ga ada bolongan kepalanya kaya tempat tidur pijet yang biasa, aduh kepala bisa pegel nich, kalau tengkurep nafasnya gimana? tapi, ya udahlah yach ikut aja daripada ribut2)
Sesi pijit pun dimulai, skill si Mba pun lumayan.
badanku sudah mulai mundur maju nyari posisi yang enak karena leher mulai pegal dan kepala mulai pusing.
Me : Aduh Mba leher saya ga enak nich (sambil betuling posisi).
Si Mba : (no komen!!!!!) sesi pijat tetap terus berlangsung.
Setelah lama gelitak gelituk kaya belut akhirnya saya mulai agak nyaman dengan posisi saya sampai terdengar suara Om2 yang ngobrol sama si Mba yang mijit si Om gede banget suaranya, yang membuyarkan suasana relax saya.
si Om : pulangnya naik apa Mba, Busway?
si Mba punya Om : enggak pak, naik Kopaja (dengan suara perlahan sambil masang sikap ga mau diajak ngobrol, kayaknya yach soalnya kan ga kelihatan)
Si Om lagi : wah cape donk Mba, jauh ga rumahnya ?
Si Mba punya Om : engga juga pak, sudah biasa kali yach.
DAN pembicaraan berlanjut bla…. bla…. bla… super berisik and annoying.
Akhirnya ada suatu masa si Om cape juga nanya dan akhirnya mulai tertidur. But, My suffering not offer yet.
Wntah Om seblah mana punya atau Om rese yang ngobrol tadi, buang angin dari mulut lalu pantat.
Ohhh…. engga banget. Gue kesini bayar mahal buat relax bukan buat diginiin.
Luckily, Tak terasa 40 menit berlalu dan sesi pijatkupun selesai, aku run crazily kabur dari ruangan terkontaminasi oleh gas2 beracun tersebut.
Aku ambil paket shoulder and back massage Rp 110.000,-. for as short as 40 mins + experienced suasana yang super annoying kaya Om2 diatas.
Gimana harganya?
Kalau lihat pengalaman diatas, I still preffer tempat pijit langgananku.
Lessons learned :
1. Ga akan lagi mau dipijit kalau pijit tengkurep tapi tempat pijitnya ga ada bolongan kepalanya. Yang ada leher dan pundakku tambah pegel dan pusing juga hadir pas pulang.
2. Ga akan mau dipijet bareng2 di 1 ruangan hall gede bareng sama orang ga dikenal. Males banget dipijet sambil dengerin orang ngobrol berisik + denger suara dengkuran dan kentut. super engga baget.
—Blog end—

Tas Baruku

Hello teman, bagi kamu2 yang suka banget warna baby pink kaya aku boleh di check.
I just bought a cute baby pink bag.
cute bag

I spend almost Rp700 k only for this bag. Crazy… but, ah
Love Love Love bisa dibawa2 u/ hang out sama teman2 dan ke gereja nich πŸ™‚

Tous Les Jours Bakery & Cafe

Hello teman2, baru2 ini di Jakarta ada bakery baru namanya Tous Les Jours.

So, sabtu lalu tim jalan2 penasaran dan mampir ke sini.

Liat kanan kiri rotinya kebanyakan manis2, karena seleranya tim jalan2 asin jadi skip dulu dech yang manis2.

Lagi clingak clinguk bingung mau beli apa, eh ada sandwich nich, maka tim jalan2 kali ini nyobain sandwichnya, kebetulan di toko roti lain jarang yang menyajikan sandwich yang isinya gendut2 kaya gini.

Berikut penampakannya.

Uhhhh, liat donk tunanya… Super Fillin….

Tuna Sandwich ini as you can see isinya Cheese, Tuna, Lettuce.

Price Rp 40.000,-

and kemarin we also tried

Egg Sandwich, nyammm, telornya banyak, campur bawang bombay, ham dan lettuce.

Tim jalan2 juga suka Egg Sandwichnya.

Price Rp 30.000,-.

Oh ya, FYI, semua sandwich diatas dapat disajikan hangat.

Pelayanan di Bakery yang juga Cafe ini cukup memuaskan. Ga sabar dech u/ coba produk2 lainnya dari Tous les Jours seperti cake2nya dan juga es dan kopinya.

Satisfaction Level 4/5.

Tous Les Jours Bakery & Cafe

Senayan City, Jakarta.

Moon Cake Ice cream

Helloooo temansss…

Mumpung masih dalam suasana Mid-Autumn Festival cepat2 dech kutulis blog ini.

Saatnya kita coba-cobi kue bulan nich. Kue bulan yang dibahas kali ini special nich, coz it’s made of Ice Cream. Yes, we loveee ice cream.

Sayang banget isi dalamnya ga difoto.

Moon Cake Haagen-Dazs Rp 50.000,- (dine-in only)

Karena melihat bentuknya yang cantik, aku jadi tergoda u/ mencobanya. Kebetulan hari itu aku mencoba yang Strawberry.

Taste :

terdiri dari 3 lapisan

1. Lapisan luar : Seperti yang kita lihat I suppose it’s made of White Chocolate yang dikasih warna pink. White Chocolatenya biasa banget dan menurutku ketebalan lapisannya, mungkin sengaja u/ maintain bentuknya biar ga gampang hancur kali ya. Mungkin kalau dibuat dari silver queen White Chocolate rasanya akan lebih nendang.

2. Lapisan ini aku sebut juga lapisan dalam : ice cream vanilla campur strawberry jam gitu d kayaknya, also nothing special.

3. I also called this part as inti of the ice cream. Di tengah ice cream ini terdapat Mango Sorbet yang rasanya aku suka. Not too sweet.

Overall, sebenarnya sich biasa aja nich Ice cream tapi bentuknya yang cantik tetap menggoda u/ mencoba rasa2 lainnya spt Coffee, Cookie and Chocolate.

Sayang banget this Moon Cake Ice Cream tidak tersedia dalam rasa Green tea. Sebagai pecinta Haagen-Dazs Green tea sangat dinantikan produk2 inovatif rasa greentea.

Satisfaction level 3/5.

Sayang banget waktu aku makan buahnya rasanya kurang Fresh.


Gandaria City.

Origami – Japan Foundation Jakarta

Hello teman2, sampai tanggal 30 nanti ada pameran persahabatan Indonesia – Jepang di Plaza Senayan lho.

Disana ada banyak stand kebudayaan budaya Jepang. seruuu…

kurang lebih seperti ini tampilannya.

Tanggal 30 September’12 juga akan diadakan pameran pendidikan Jepang di JCC.

Siapa yang mau ikutt? infonya bisa dilihat di

Kemarin saya dapat kesempatan ikut serta salah satu acara Matsuri, yaitu Workshop Origami.

Semua pasti sudah tau Origami yach, seni melipat kertas dari Jepang.

Kertas yang dipakai u/ origami

Cantik yach warna warni.

Ternyata, it’s not easy to fold these fella into cute and pretty Origami.

and jeng….123…

ini hasilnya dari hasil lipatanku dengan jari2 yang kaku dan tak terlatih.

Event ini sangat menambah pengetahuanku akan Japanese Culture.

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