Gelatto festival Melbourne

Hi everyone, feels like years since the last time I updated my blog.

Yep, so many things happened lately.

I moved to Melbourne Australia and this is my 6th week living here in Melbourne Australia after living in Jakarta for 5 years.

Australian life is so different with the life I used to have in Indonesia. Australia life is more quiet but many sparks around.

Few weeks ago there’s a Gellato festival held in Clayton Melbourne. There are so many Itallian restaurant along this area.

If you love Itallian Cuisine and you’re visiting Melbourne, don’t forget to visit this place.

I went to the festival all by myself. Quite cold that day and my heart is cold too to go to the festival all by myself, but I have a lot of fun there. Here are a few pics for you to see that I captured at the festival.












Precious Gift from British Embassy Jakarta

Hi… Hi…. friends… Hope you are well.

It’s been ages since my latest post and lately I seldom update my blog, it’s all because I’m really bussy. I’ll tell you later what I’m bussy for HA.

I feel like world is the best planet to live at soon after I’m back from my training at Guangzhou Chinese Medicine Hospital.
I won lots of prize and met lots of lovely ppl.

Thank you for all of you who have supported me and love to visit my blog, you all are precious to me.

I’ll share with you the most precious gift I got from British Embassy Jakarta.

I won a writing competition from British Embassy Jakarta.

As the 2nd winner from the writing competition I won Rp 500.000,- in voucher from

planetsports voucher

I bought a New Balance Shoes. I Added Rp 200.000,- to get the shoes.

new balance shoes

Comfort, style and brand is the reason for me to choose this shoes.

new balance

Below is all the British Embassy writing competition winner capture.

british embassy competition

well longstory short I won the prize for writing what I like about Britain and the answer is I like Britain’s way of thinking. Britain always put ‘GREAT’ word in their activites. British work GREAT, do GREAT, think GREAT and believe that they’ll do GREAT. With this concept of thinking no wonder Britain are Great in many sectors.
I want to be GREAT just like GREAT BRITAIN. 😀 yeay,….

On budget Unforgettable travel story

Able to travel to 6 cities within 2 months make my last July’13 Southern China trip with mission unforgettable.

Besides travelling I also have the chance to learn new skills that definitely will contribute something special in my life.

Since I only have a very limited budget in my pocket, I have to manage all my expenses to be low.

I took a budget airlines that flied me to Guangzhou.

budget airlines seat space

As I said it’s budget airlines, so you can see the tiny mini space for the seat space.

Even though budget airlines only gave budgeted service but I’m quiet happy because it still give me the chance completed my targeted mission trip :D.

With this budget airlines I have to transit in Singapore for 12 hours.

I arrived in Singapore at 10 in the morning and feel so happy because this is the first time for me to visit Singapore by my own. yeay…..

If some of you are SHOCK because I have to stay inside the airport within hours. No worries….

It’s Singapore, there are lots of entertainments and free stuff around the airport and here are some of them I love the most.

1. Free Singapore tour
free Singapore tour
2. Free foot Massage 😀
free foot massage

Can’t believe my next flight had up. I remembered that I was running through the corridor to catch my flight holding my hot Teh.

I’m ready for Guangzhou, I was so lucky because I’ve got an offer from a very kind Cantonese family to live with them. I took a Metro from Guangzhou Baiyun airport to Foshan, the place where I was staying for the next few days after I landed in Guangzhou. My Cantonese friend picked me at the nearest Metro station that was close to their house.
Guangzhou metro

My Cantonese friend gave me a space at the 4th floor of their house and aloud me to stay there as long as I wanted to.
Thank you so much for Mr Jim’s & fam kindness, may God bless your life abundantly.
This is the place where I lived.
Foshan houseFoshan is a city near Guangzhou (GZ), It’s only take a few minitues by Metro to travel from GZ to Foshan.

My Cantonese friend kept me bussy during my stay with them. They introduce me to a special Cantonese teacher.
She’s a bright and smart little girl. We played and studied together. I teached her English and she teached me Cantonese. We had a really special and fun time together.
Foshan viewMy journey continued. I have to move from Foshan to GZ because that’s where Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese medicine located.  I studied at GZ uni of TCM no.1 hospital located at sanyuanli 三元里.
at Guangzhou university of traditional chinese medicineAt Guangzhou University of TCM I was trained and learned to improve my skills in Acupuncture and Tuina Chinese Massage.
Chinese teacher are always strict and put high demand to their students. That’s why Chinese graduated medical students are mostly has good reputations.
I decided to learn more in Guangzhou because I want to be the best Chinese Medicine doctor that could cure illness using Acupuncture and Tuina Massage in the world :).
No joking, I really hope my dreams come true that’s why I spend my money carefully to persue and learn more.
Acupuncture and Tuina are the best way to treat illness due to nerves and muscles problem. So if you have longterm back pain, headache, muscle spasm and severe numbness just come to me 🙂
acupuncture doctorAfter my training offer now it’s the fun part. It’s time for me to enjoy Southern China beauties and delicascies.
My family came from Indonesia and join me in China.
We travelled to MACAU.
macau beauties

And also enjoy Macau delicacies.

Macau delicacies

then we continued our journey to Hongkong.
In Hongkong we were so lucky to be able to try world’s most famous Dimsum and world’s cheapest Michelin restaurant.
Tim Hou Wan.

Tim hou wan

Then we went to  Shenzhen.
In Shenzhen we visited Window of the world and enjoyed incredeble dancing show and beer festival.
window of the world

Ow my I found Kimbap satay in Shenzhen while enjoyed Shenzhen delicacies.

Shenzhen delicacies

Can you spot my Kimbap satay ? 😀

then we went back to GZ to continue our unfogettable holiday.
In GZ, I visited lots of museum, the museum in GZ is free and clean


guangzhou museum

GZ also has lots of  amazing street food and restaurants.
I tried some famous delicacies around Beijing road and shang xia jiu road.

guangzhou food

😀 Blushed yes, I always spare a little corner in my belly to taste Korean food anywhere I go. That’s why you also can see Kimchee Chigae in my GZ food diary.

It’s always sad to end a long vacation.

I tried to overcome my sadness with having  a sweet desserts in Singapore.

We fonded this sweets from a famous shopping center around Orchard Rd.

Asian desserts

I had my favorite Matcha ice cream and the famous Singapore ice Kachang.

Hope bloggers like my post.

Senangnya masak di TV

Hi teman2 apa kabar?
I hope kalian semua sehat dan cantik selalu.

Beberapa minggu lalu senang sekali saya bisa diundang oleh Trans7 untuk mengisi acara Like a Chef.
like a chef

IBB mendapat undangan untuk mengisi acara Like a Chef, karena para elders di IBB pada sibuk jadilah acara ini dilempar ke aku yang memang suka banget masak.Thanks to Kak Hanna IBB

Pada kesempatan itu aku masak Kroket isi jamur daging asap. Hmm…. 😛 Ya jadi itu kroket isi jamur kancing, daging sapi cincang dan daging asap. Kalau mau tambahin keju kayaknya makin yummy tuch. 🙂 Meskipun cape karena acaranya berjam2 dan di Depok pula tapi karena senang jagi ya senang juga.sorry jadi kepanjangan curhatnya.

Here is me & Trans7 crew group pic.
Like a chef
Dalam acara Like a Chef ini aku tampil Vs Maria Selena, Putri Indonesia 2011. 🙂
Senangnya terus bertemu teman2 baru.Disini aku juga kenalan sama Gita, dia dulunya juga blogger tapi karena sibuk sama kerjaannya di Trans7 jadi absent dulu u/ sementara waktu. Kita doain semoga dia aktif lagi yach.

Aku juga baru tau kalau ternyata Tupperware juga memiliki seri pancinya yaitu Chefseries. I got some to try. Pancinya terbuat dari bahan yang aman bagi tubuh.
Chefseries, tupperware
Wah kalalu ngomong soal Tupperware, aku sudah pake Tupperware sejak kecil yach…. Dulu inget bawa bekal makanan ke sekolah tuch dari tas sampai isi dalamnya (maksudnya omprengan dan tempat minumannya) semua tupperware karena plastiknya konon aman bagi tubuh.Bukannya aku makan Tupperware yach hehe..
Aduh jadi inget masa kecil dulu…

Oh ya, bagi yang puasa, semoga hidupnya makin berkah ya.
Kalau kita niatnya baik terus pasti dapatnya juga yang baik2 terus dech. Amiinnn….

Menjadi Wanita Sukses

Siapa sich yang tidak ingin menjadi wanita yang sukses? Kalau datang pertanyaan seperti ini, sudah pasti saya akan menjadi yang pertama / yang tercepat untuk tunjuk tangan 🙂

But the truth is, success is a journey.
Banyak tenaga yang harus dikeluarkan dan tentu saja KREATIVITAS.

Minggu lalu saya senang sekali diundang oleh Caring Colours Martha Tilaar untuk hadir dalam acara Young Caring Professional Award 2013 di hotel JS Luwansa.

Look how happy I am @YCPA’13 in my fave pink dress.Young Caring Professional Award 2013
Young Caring Professional Award merupakan penghargaan yang diberikan oleh Caring Colours Martha Tilaar kepada wanita Indonesia yang berprestasi dan inspiratif.

Hadiah YCPA’13 -> kesempatan istimewa mengunjungi kantor Google dan Facebook di Singapura. WOW… Kunjungan ini dilakukan dengan harapan agar para penerima YCPA’13  dapat memiliki pengetahuan dan pengalaman yang lebih luas.

Banyak yang saya pelajari dari event ini, diantaranya adalah sadar bahwa wanita sukses tidak dapat semata2 hanya dinilai dari prestasi bekerjanya.
Wanita sukses adalah wanita yang dapat menjaga keseimbangan antara pekerjaan, keluarga serita dirinya sendiri (memiliki me time), tidak lupa, sebagai makhluk sosial sudah selayaknya seorang wanita juga memberikan kontribusi positif bagi sekitarnya.

😛 kok terkesan menggurui yach?…. Well, that’s what I learned from what they shared @YCPA’13 press conference.
Obrolan dan sharing dari para YCPA’13 Judges yang most of you might have known.
YCPA'13Can you spot Kak Yoris Sebastian?

Kalau melihat HADIAH :p, pengalaman serta dampak yang akan didapatkan memenangkan YCPA kok rasanya ingin juga yach ikutan 🙂 tahun 2015 mau donk bisa jadi salah satu pemenang YCPA 😀 siapa yang mau ikutan menang ayo buruan tingkatkan pengetahuan dan raih prestasi.

Tahun ini CC memilih Mara Sophie, international singer asal Belanda menjadi Brand Ambassador Caring Colors. Mara Sophie terpilih menjadi BA karena dinilai memiliki pencapaian karir dan kepribadian yang dapat menginspirasi wanita muda profesional untuk lebih maju.

International Jazz singer

Mara Sophie, International Jazz singer

Dalam sesi sharing, Sophie menceritakan how Faith can move a mountain. The story is when she was waiting for her flight in Dubai for Indonesia, she realized that something was wrong, her band was already waiting for her in Jakarta and she found herself in Dubai, unable to catch her flight, by that time she should be late and everybody said she’ll miss her show in Jakarta. In her gloomy moment she started to let go everything and pray that God to do the best for her. Surprisingly she catched flight that took her arrived in Jakarta, not as usual, Jakarta has empty road to take her to the concert.
Amazingly, she arrived at the concert just in time and everything went smoothly.

See how everything will be good in His time?

YCPA'13look how packed and how serious everybody listened @ sharing moment.

Saya takjub mengetahui bahwa begitu banyak wanita Indonesia yang pandai, berprestasi dan mencintai sesama. Hal ini terlihat dari banyaknya peserta YCPA’13. Semoga bisa menjadi penerima YCPA, berhasil menjadikan wanita Indonesia lebih sehat, cantik dan tentunya tetap rendah hati. 🙂

Caring Colours Martha Tilaar merupakan Skincare Make Up yang tak hanya mempercantik tetapi juga memiliki manfaat perawatan dengan natural active ingredients yang mampu menutrisi dan menjaga kulit sehingga selalu sehat dan siap menghadapi tantangan baik dari dalam dan luar seperti stress, polusi, radikal bebas dan sinar UV.

Caring Colours merupakan brand yang sangat cocok digunakan wanita Indonesia yang aktif dan berprestasi karena telah menunjang berbagai aspek yang dapat menopang wanita berprestasi ke kesuksesan.
Caring colours martha tilaar

Caring Colours selalu melakukan inovasi terhadap produk2nya agar terus dapat memberikan manfaat skincare make up secara maksimal.
Packagingnya pun dibuat cantik sehingga para professional mudah tetap terlihat cantik dan menarik. (pantang mati gaya style) 🙂
caring coloursCan’t wait to attend YCPA’14 🙂

Fast Chinese Food

Sudah bosan makan makanan di mal yang itu ituuuuuuuuu aja?
Please don’t… Why? karena di Lotte Shopping Avenue, baru aja di launching gerai Fast Food terbaru dari Boga Group.

Master Wok
Master Wok
Sabtu, 6thy July’13, kita, para Indonesian Food Blogger, berkesempatan untuk mencicipi lezatnya masakan Master Wok yang merupakan sajian cepat Chinese food yang dimasak menggunakan Wok dan menggunakan saus spesial untuk menciptakan makanan yang
Chinese fast foodWah… makanannya enak2. Aku sampai sempat nempel2 di kaca karena bingung mau pilih yang mana.

Oh ya, di Master Wok, sistem pembeliannya dengan cara pilih2.
Menu Master Wok
You can choose whatever you like, kita bisa makan banyak macam in one meal.
Yang pasti lebih sehat karena asupan nutrisi beragam sehingga kebutuhan gizi terpenuhi, tentunya! Pilihannya juga selalu disajikan beragam sehingga tidak akan membosankan.

Berikut sample penyajian makanan di Master Wok.
Paket Master Wok menu Master Style 3 Which is, also, the food I’ve ordered that day.
Egg Fried Rice, Prawn with Salted Egg, Fragrant Chicken, Enoki Mushroom Tofu.
(Master Style 3, Rp 43,635)
I also ordered Liang teh as beverage Rp 9,091 and Lychee Jelly as dessert Rp 10,909.

Makanannya enak, rasa dan kualitasnya sama baiknya dengan restoran2 Boga group lainnya. Rasa makanannya sama seperti masakan waktu aku kuliah kedokteran dulu di China. But, Master Wok more special karena makanannya terbuat dari bahan2 yang halal.

Master Wok

 Menus you can enjoy
Egg fried rice, Yang zhou fried rice, Chow mien (bakmi goreng), Fried crystal noodle, General Tso’s chicken, Kung Pao Chicken, Blackpepper beef, Blackbean beef, Scallion Beef, Sweet & Sour Fish, Sweetfire Fish, Chinese Ocra egg trio, Sambal Kang fong, Mayo Prawn, Fried siew may, Mapo tofu, Beijing Chicken, Teochew chicken, Honey & Ginger Chicken, Chicken wing shrimp paste, Oyster sauce pokcoy, Chicken roll, Hot & Sour Soup, Egg & Seaweed Soup, Mango Jelly.

My Favorite @masterwokjkt  adalah….jeng….jeng….
Udang telor Asin Udang Telor Asin, crunchynya pas dan rasanya pedas dan gurih. Nyam…

Oh ya, yang special juga di Master Wok adalah minumannya, dimana lagi bisa order Liang Teh yang ampuh menurunkan panas dalam. 🙂

So… tunggu apa lagi? Ayo segera ke Master Wok & spoiled your tastebud, apalagi Master Wok Lotte Avenue lagi promo.
Master Wok Lotte Avenue

Promo 1-14 July’13  dari pk 12.00-18-.00/ selama persediaan masih ada.

You can enjoy your meal for only Rp 20,000,- nett (Master Style 2, consist of a bowl of Rice, 1 beef/poultry/seafood & 2 Vegies) &You can also get this limited edition cute Mug for HOT and cold drinks FREE.


Master Wok

 Master Wok

 Lotte Shopping Avenue, Ciputra World, Food Avenue Lt.4 Unit 4F.

or Mal Kelapa Gading 3, Level 3, Food Temptation FCi-08

Healthy Face

Sebagai cewe, mostly we’ll try our best to look good, tul?

The truth is it’s not easy to look good all the time.

Hey ladies, no need to worry anymore coz Etude House help us to look good by launching it’s Healhty Face Movement. It’s easy to look good wheng you own healthy face.

healthy face movementWhy healthy face makes you look good?
dengan kulit wajah yang sehat, automatically kulit kita akan halus, bersih dan bebas bersinar.

Gerakan ini di launch di Mal TA bersamaan dengan diadakannya
beauty Carnaval.

beauty carnaval

Beauty Carnaval yang diadakan Etude House seru banged. Ada cover dance, make-up & jingle competition, Beauty Class dan banyak banget gratisssan.

Etude house, adalah  kosmetik dari Korea yang mendunia dengan konsep kualitas terbaik, harga terjangkau, desain dan warna yang imut dan Cewe banged.ayo tebak ini chocolate atau Make-up product? 😀
etude chocoEtude House ingin meningkatkan kecantikan wanita Indonesia. Maka, diluncurkan Healthy Face Movement guna mengedukasi para cewe u/ 3 ME:
1. MEmbersihkan wajah dengan Skin Care
2. MEmakai pelembab / alas bedak ringan dan…
3. MEmbersihkan wajah kembali setelah beraktivitas.

Dalam kesempatan kali ini pula Etude melaunching produk terbarunya yang membantu wanita Indonesia memiliki kulit cantik dan sehat layaknya artis Korea yaitu
CC Cream & BB Cream Cotton Fit
ETUDE BB Cream Cotton Fit & CC CreamCC Cream, SPF 30 / PA ++

Apa itu SPF? SPF = Sun Protecting Factor.
Angka 30 dibelakan SPF menunjukan daya SPF. SPF 30 berarti memiliki kekuatan untuk melindungi kulit terhadap matahari selama 30 x 10 menit = 300 menit / 5 jam.
U have to reapply your cream jika masih beraktivitas dibawah matahari lebih dari 5 jam dengan cream SPF 30 untuk memiliki Healthy Face.
Sinar matahari akan membuat kulit menjadi lebih gelap, pigmentasi, elastisitas menurun dan yang paling parah adalah dapat menyebabkan kanker kulit.
PA melindungi kulit dari UVA yang menyebabkan penuaan dini.

bedanya CC Cream dan BB Cream, CC Cream memiliki kemampuan lebih banyak yaitu Anti-Aging Stress Relief
Hydranation Whitening
Sun Protection Tone-up
Smooth Texture Luminosity.

Untuk tampilan sehari2 seperti pergi sekolah / kuliah bolehlah hanya pakai CC Cream, but, if you expect more, to move more flawless skin apply juga BB Cream karena BB Cream membantu menyembunyikan flek and pores 🙂

If you want to try Etude products, just visit their store and PLAY!

Note : Etude juga mengadakan kompetisi ‘3ME’ lho, siapa aja boleh ikut dan bisa dapat hadiah, info lebih lanjut klik

OB Princess by Shu Uemura.

HI…HI…HI…. Apa kabar semua?….
  Couple weeks ago I was invited by
Shu Uemura and Ms. Carnellin Yulianti

carnellinMs. Carnellin’s blog is like a beauty products dictionary / wikipedia.
If you want to look for any products review, try to look for it on her blog.

Shu uemura merupakan brand cosmetic asal Jepang yang produknya super innovative.

Acara ini diadakan dalam rangka launching seri terbaru dari Shu Uemura yaitu….

oh ya, untuk kamu2 yang belum tau, ini dia si OB PRINCESS yang imut ini.
mereka ada 4

Midori Himme
a.k.a  FOREST PRINCESS, she loves to dance around the forest with a dandelion in one hand. Radiating natural beauty, she can also nurse wounded insects and animals back to health. I love her the most.FOREST PRINCESS

dedicated to protecting all precious marine life, she is the guardian of the sea …


she loves to dance and twirl without rest or sleep. This princess enchants delicate flower buds into full bloom, spreading color and charming beauty with every step.


nown as the savior of the moon, she travels to countless stars to collect fragments of the moon after it was hit by a missile.
Terinspirasi oleh karakter2 imut dan lucu diatas makan Shu uemura menciptakan beberapa produk limited edition berupa Cleansing Oil, UV under Base Mousse, Lipstick, Falsies and eye-shadow.

cleansing oilDalam launching kali ini ada pertunjukan seru yaitu melukis model menggunakan produk Shu Uemura yang super cool.
shu uemuraJust visit and play @ Shu uemura’s outlet if you want to know more about OB Princess.
They are so kind and give us this cute goody bag.
Shu uemura event

And this is our group pic at the end of the event.
shu uemura indonesiaCan’t wait to try Shu Uemura’s UV base Mousse.

Thank you Shu Uemura & Carnellin.

SKII Facial Treatment Essence

Hi teman2… seru nich.
Aku menemukan seorang cewe yang  kulitnya superb.
Tadaa……… pic from google search.

beautiful janice manuhh… mau donk.
Kulitnya glowing sekale, mulus, bening, bersih, porinya super duper halus.
Seperti biasa, aku, si beauty paparazzi kepo, langsung penasaran pingin tau rahasia dibalik kecantikannya. I kept searching untill I found….
SK II Janice ManAhaaa SK-II
SK-II kan terkenal banget Facial Treatment Essencenya, biasa dikenal dengan FTE.
Kebetulan beberapa bulan yang lalu aku beli FTE dengan jerih payah sendiri dan sudah mulai pake sejak beberapa minggu yang lalu. hasilnya? memuaskan.
Here is my review.
Facial Treatment Essence

Directly after application
 feel fresh and feel skin become tightened.

After few times application
 feel that my skin become more glowing, have better skin texture and skin face surface look smoother.

Long term application
  just started using FTE a few weeks ago, but am quiete sure that it’s possible to have smooth and glowing skin. Don’t you think?…..

Ok now let’s see the power of FTE according to SK-II
Your Journey to Crystal Clear Skin SK-II Facial Treatment Essence helps improve 5 dimensions of Crystal Clear Skin*. Texture Refinement, Firmness, Radiance, Wrinkle Appearance, Even Skin Tone *Studies conducted on Asian Consumers A must-have for beautiful, glowing skin. The amazing power of SK-II Pitera® helps moderate skin’s natural surface renewal cycle.
I get this info from

FTE smell
smells like SAKE, japanese licqour, for me  just fine.

FTE texture
just like pure water, no sticky feelin.

use guidelines
pour + a teaspoon of FTE unto a face coton or directly onto your palm, than dab slowly unto your face & neck until it fully absorbed.

note from me
untuk memiliki kulit superb seperti Janice Facial Treatment Essence saja is not enough. We still have to feed our skin with other SK-II series.
I’ll share my experience with other Sk-II products in another entries.

  I also want my skin be forever 25 🙂
Oh ya, about the model. Her name is Janice Man, from Hongkong. She’s born in 1988.

Here are some more pics I love from Janice Man Fanpage. Pls Enjoy girlss….
janice manjanice man

janice man

cute not?
Rin, the beauty paparazzi. :O

Activa Blossom Bust Cream

Hello ladies…

Lately suka banget sama artist yang sering wara wiri jadi model berbagai majalah di China dan jadi brand image beberapa brand ternama Fan Bing Bing
Sexy Fan bing BingPic taken from internet.
Ow my… she is so pretty. Want to be like her la….
Flawless smooth skin, long black shiny healthy hair, cute sexy appearance.
Hmmm…. I wonder what effort can I do to make me look like her 😛
sexy fan bing bingSexy fanbingbing

O ya, I can be like her… :0
Months ago, aku dapat Activa Blossom Bust Cream.
Hopefully, aku bisa punya payudara secantik dan sesexy Fan Bing Bing 😛
Aku sudah pakai beberapa kali sich. Ok let’s review
Ini dia Activa Bust Cream
Activa bust cream
Katanya sich Activa Bust Cream dapat Mengencangkan Payudara sehingga Payudara menjadi lebih cantik dan sexy.
Oh ya, aku dapat info ini dari packagingnya ya….
Activa bust cream
Can’t u see? disitu tertulis Naturally Firm, Enhance & Lift
For Beautiful, Fuller Breast.
Let’s see what’s inside
Boops cream
Smell : Wanginya seperti selulite cream yang aku pernah pakai dari salah satu slimming house terkenal.
Texture : Creamy but not too greasy. Sticky feelin after application (-)
Cara pakai : Apply to your boops 2x daily after shower.
Massage until it’s fully absorbs.
Ditulisnya sich 3-5 menit, tapi aku asal aja lah, 3-5 menit males banget kelamaan.
Boops enhancement cream
katanya produk ini mengandung Pueria Lobata / (葛根Gegen in Chinese Medicine) & Pueraria Mirifica yang mengikat estrogen dan meningkatkan kekuatan jaringan payudara agar estrogen terserap dengan baik sehingga payudara menjadi lebih kencang dan sehat.
Hopefully menciptakan Bust Line yang Sexy.
Activa bust creamMy Experience with Activa Bust Cream :
After you applied suitable amounts of activa Bust Cream and start massaging, you’ll slightly feel tingly hot. That hot sensation will slowly get deep into your body, sometimes my body will sweat soon after the application.
Results : Yes, happy, kulit payudara kini terlihat brighter, aku rasa ini disebabkan karena kulit termoisturize dengan baik dan pijatan menyebabkan peredaran darah menjadi lebih baik sehingga payudara terlihat lebih kencang dan sehat. Have you ever realize your skin will definetely get brighter soon after you moisturize it regularly? It also works with activa. Yes, boops also get firmir and smoother.
Notes : Aku harus lebih rajin lagi apply activa dan take care of my boops regulary.
Notes for you beautiful girls : untuk payudara sebaiknya menggunakan cream khusus payudara seperti Activa Bust cream karena kulit payudara lebih halus than any other body parts. Specialnya lagi lebih baik menggunakan bust cream, bust cream memiliki khasiat yang lebih dari body moisturizer biasa karena membuat payudara lebih kencang dan sehat.
Where to get : you can get Activa from drugstores.
Salam cantik girls.
Last pic of beautiful Fan Bing Bing. Pic also taken from internet.
Sexy and cute fan bing bing

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