SKII Facial Treatment Essence

Hi teman2… seru nich.
Aku menemukan seorang cewe yang  kulitnya superb.
Tadaa……… pic from google search.

beautiful janice manuhh… mau donk.
Kulitnya glowing sekale, mulus, bening, bersih, porinya super duper halus.
Seperti biasa, aku, si beauty paparazzi kepo, langsung penasaran pingin tau rahasia dibalik kecantikannya. I kept searching untill I found….
SK II Janice ManAhaaa SK-II
SK-II kan terkenal banget Facial Treatment Essencenya, biasa dikenal dengan FTE.
Kebetulan beberapa bulan yang lalu aku beli FTE dengan jerih payah sendiri dan sudah mulai pake sejak beberapa minggu yang lalu. hasilnya? memuaskan.
Here is my review.
Facial Treatment Essence

Directly after application
 feel fresh and feel skin become tightened.

After few times application
 feel that my skin become more glowing, have better skin texture and skin face surface look smoother.

Long term application
  just started using FTE a few weeks ago, but am quiete sure that it’s possible to have smooth and glowing skin. Don’t you think?…..

Ok now let’s see the power of FTE according to SK-II
Your Journey to Crystal Clear Skin SK-II Facial Treatment Essence helps improve 5 dimensions of Crystal Clear Skin*. Texture Refinement, Firmness, Radiance, Wrinkle Appearance, Even Skin Tone *Studies conducted on Asian Consumers A must-have for beautiful, glowing skin. The amazing power of SK-II Pitera® helps moderate skin’s natural surface renewal cycle.
I get this info from

FTE smell
smells like SAKE, japanese licqour, for me  just fine.

FTE texture
just like pure water, no sticky feelin.

use guidelines
pour + a teaspoon of FTE unto a face coton or directly onto your palm, than dab slowly unto your face & neck until it fully absorbed.

note from me
untuk memiliki kulit superb seperti Janice Facial Treatment Essence saja is not enough. We still have to feed our skin with other SK-II series.
I’ll share my experience with other Sk-II products in another entries.

  I also want my skin be forever 25 🙂
Oh ya, about the model. Her name is Janice Man, from Hongkong. She’s born in 1988.

Here are some more pics I love from Janice Man Fanpage. Pls Enjoy girlss….
janice manjanice man

janice man

cute not?
Rin, the beauty paparazzi. :O

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