How to be more Gorgeous.

Tenang aja ladies, tidak cuma kamu aja kok yang mengalami dilema pingin tampil lebih cantik.

All women disires it.

Apa aja sich kira2 faktor2 yang membuat ladies tampil lebih cantik menawan.

1. Red Yes, everybody know that ladies in Red always get  more attention.

2. Smooth & Healthy Skin Ladies look pretier with healthy Skin.

Ok, rules no.1 is applicable but for no.2?

yes, drink 2 lt water a day help.

Ada 1 lagi nich, ada yang tau ga sich kalau sarang burung walet juga membantu kita mendapatkan kulit lebih cantik dan sehat?

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, swallow bird’s nest  make lungs stronger.

I love Traditional Chinese Medicine karena tidak menggunakan bahan kimia at all. 100% Natural.

In TCM strong lungs able to fight toxic intrude to our body.

BRANDS  baru2 ini mengeluarkan produk Bird’s nestnya.

My experience with Brand’s Bird’s nest. (according to my opinion)

Strange / Fishy smell : (-)

Sweetness : a little bit to0 sweet , but don’t worry nanti katanya akan keluar produk yang tidak manis.

Texture : like jelly

Pada saat talkshow juga ada beberapa info yang saya dapatkan.

U/ penderita diabetes : yes, dengan saran dokter.

u/ anak2 : yes, small portion (40 g serving )

Dengan tema Red, warnayang diyakini mempercantik para wanita acara digelar.

@ Bunga Rampai, Menteng

Di acara ini diberi kesempatan u/ mengetahui lebih produk Brands bird’s nest.

All ladies came in Red, so gorgeous.

Table also served in Red.

Afternoon tea from Bunga Rampai Menteng.

Para Narasumber.

Also get Nail Polished from O.P.I

I also bought a box of 70 g Brands Bird’s nest @ this event.

If you asked why I only bought 1 box, the answer is b’coz aku ga tau apa produk ini dapat meningkatkan nafsu makan.

Pada saat acara aku tidak mendapat kesempatan u/ bertanya. Semoga pihak Brands bisa menjawabnya disini.

The Package prepared (ga dapet :().

Old Culture

A Tante who lives next door sent us with these delicious dumplings. 🙂

Yes, in Indonesian it’s well known as Ba’cang and 粽子 in Chinese.

Chinese around the world eat this dumpling every Duan Wu Jie.

In Indonesia Ba’cang is around grown ups fist size and taste salty.

In China Ba’cang come with more size and fillings.

Salty and Sweet taste are available.

Nyam…. Nyam…..

In Indonesia, every Ba’cang day,  we used to send Ba’cang to family and close ppl .


Make all ppl around you feel precious and you’ll feel precious too 🙂

Facial with Orlane

Hi Friends, for you who also in love with Orlane Products this is for you.

Do you know that Orlane also have Facial treatment?

Well, yes they do.

If you live @ West Jakarta you can simply find them @ SOGO, Central Park.

let’s enter

About the Facial I’ve experience :

It took like an hour in a simple space. No machine use. The facial consisted of scrubing, masking and moisturizing.

as you all have known that I love products from Orlane, it’s made in France.

I found the room too cold when I did the treatment and a little noisy since my beautician chatted with her colleague.

Results :

I feel my skin smoother and brighter after the treatment.

You can have your own Orlane Facial @ SOGO, Central Park.

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